GMP Training for Contractors

Single User - DVD - GMP Training for Contractors and Visitors

June 2013
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See that electrician in the hallway? His last job was rewiring the apartment building across town. Do you really think he knows GMPs?

Does he understand why he can’t prop a door open? That he can’t just pop that ceiling tile for a quick look? That he can’t duck into a sterile area to check something? Does he know your documentation requirements?

Of course he doesn’t. Even vendors who specialize in the pharmaceutical industry change personnel, and can you be sure you aren’t this guy’s first customer? That’s why you train everyone who enters the workplace.

Now you have help…

Every visitor to your plant is a GMP violation waiting to happen. Even if they know that drug manufacturing requires special precautions, they won’t know what they are.

This 18-minute DVD will give your visitors and contractors an instant overview of the special considerations of working in a pharma manufacturing facility. It addresses the importance of:

  • Contamination control
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Dress code
  • Behavior
  • Using only approved work methods
  • Logging all changes

And, with each lesson, it stresses the most important message of all:

Check with the supervisor or facility contact before starting any activity that hasn’t been expressly approved – when in doubt, Ask First!

Visual images and video have a unique ability to impress a message on a viewer – much more so than a fast-paced verbal discussion or a written instruction booklet. With this video orientation, you’ll be sure that all contractors and visitors get the message about GMP compliance.

Training DVD: GMP Training for Contractors and Visitors. Get it now in DVD format.

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