Why Are cGMPs So Important

Single User - DVD - Why are cGMPs So Important?

September 2013
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Are you tired of training new employees and over and over again on cGMPs? The answer is probably yes.

Good news…we have a solution to your problem. Better news…you never have to do the training again.

In one-easy place you’ll have:

  • A 15-minute DVD/eLearning program
  • Reader’s guide and lesson plan
  • Discussion guide worksheet and answer key
  • Knowledge assessment and answer key

In addition, employees will find this quick self-paced training session motivational as well as informative. It offers lessons on:

  • The importance of adhering to cGMPs, as illustrated by three chilling tragedies
  • Reasons for the development of cGMPs
  • Ways in which the FDA determines if a company is following cGMPs
  • How the FDA protects the public when there are cGMP violations
  • How failure to follow cGMPs can affect the future of a company as well as public health

Great Information at a Great Price
Order the DVD now. It’s ideal for pre-employment training or as a GMP refresher course. It’s an essential tool for drug company training professionals, HR departments, manufacturing directors and supervisors, QA/QC personnel, anybody new to the industry and consultants/service providers.

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