Web Based eLearning Solution - Surviving a Regulatory Interview

March 2013
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Ever want to take your employees inside an FDA inspection interview to show them exactly what can go wrong — and how to avoid these mistakes?

Sitting across the table from any regulatory inspector is one of your employees’ most nerve-wracking challenges, even for experienced employees. Now you can give them the confidence they need with a new eLearning course.

This time-tested training program walks your employees through the scenarios that can take an inspection off-track — and shows them the right way to handle the situations investigators will throw at them.

Available in three formats that operate with your own eLearning environment, your employees can login and learn where and when it’s convenient for them, and at their own pace. Plus you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that they’ve learned and mastered all the information provided because each employee is tested at the end of the presentation.

In this program, employees learn the types of questions and tactics they’ll face during an inspection, and how to respond correctly.

The Key Issues Covered:

  • How to respond to a question when they don’t know or are unsure of the answer.
  • How to handle a lull or gap in the conversation.
  • How to communicate confidence with words and body language.
  • How to respond to a question completely and concisely.
  • How to respond when they don’t understand the question or the question is too broad.

Don’t wait until the investigators are on the way to get your company prepared for the tough questions you will face.

Price: $997

Surviving a Regulatory Interview – eLearning edition will be delivered to you on disc in one of three formats. Please choose the one that’s best for you:

Available Formats

CD (The program is set to run directly off the provided CD.)

Web (The program is set to load onto your company intranet/internet.)

LMS (The program is set to run in your learning management system.)