Defending Your Brand From Attack By Drug Counterfeiters and Illegal Diverters

Defending Your Brand From Attack By Drug Counterfeiters and Illegal Diverters - Webinar CD/Transcript

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Defending Your Brand From Attack By Drug Counterfeiters and Illegal Diverters: New Strategies for China and Worldwide

Counterfeit drugs can destroy in minutes a reputation that took your company years to build. Read on to learn how savvy drugmakers are fighting counterfeiting — and winning ...

What’s the difference between a counterfeit $100 bill and a counterfeit drug?

The $100 bill won’t kill you. The drug might.

It might kill your reputation, too, and trigger multimillion-dollar lawsuits that tie your legal team in knots.

The problem is real for drugmakers like you. Counterfeit Avastin and Altuzan from abroad may have found its way to oncologists — and patients — nationwide. The FDA began issuing alerts in February 2012 and two licensed wholesale drug distributors have been named. Whether they were conducting legitimate transactions involving FDA-approved drugs, or doing something illegal, is not yet known.

Now FDAnews, in conjunction with top legal experts, presents a strategy to help you toughen anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion efforts and prepare for the future.

Rob Reznick and Liz Howard of Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe show how to build anti-counterfeiting protection strategies into every phase of your operations.

SPECIAL: This webinar cd and transcript will also include updates from October’s important meeting of the drug industry anti-counterfeiting association, the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), in Shanghai. Rob Reznick is the association’s outside counsel and Corporate Secretary.

In a fast-paced 90-minute “chalk talk,” Mr. Reznick and Ms. Howard help you:

  • Understand the worldwide problem of counterfeit and otherwise illegal medicines from the viewpoint of Rx manufacturers
  • Implement best practices for building a solid anti-counterfeiting protection strategy by learning from the mistakes others have made
  • Discover the current worldwide status of counterfeit and illegal medicines — origin, prevalence and distribution
  • Thwart counterfeiters via better supply-chain management, disruption of illegal distribution routes, Internet strategies and more effective use of the courts
  • And much more

You’ll hear the latest counterfeiting stories from China, perhaps the greatest global offender, and learn ways to protect your company and its products. You’ll gain insight into integrating federal and state track-and-trace regulations into supply chain management strategies.

Counterfeiting menaces your business … and it’s growing. You need tools to secure your supply chain, choke off illegal distribution, disrupt fraudulent Internet sales, and use the courts to maximum effectiveness. Delaying just makes things worse. Do yourself and your colleagues a service.

  • Drug manufacturing directors
  • Global supply chain specialists
  • General counsel/outside counsel
  • Regulatory affairs and compliance professionals
  • Brand managers and crisis management teams
  • Security and intellectual property management executives
  • Quality assurance directors
  • Process development staff
  • Labeling and promotions executives

Meet Your Presenters

Rob Reznick is a partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe and co-chair of the firm’s Life Sciences Practice, specializing in matters affecting pharmaceutical and other life science companies. Mr. Reznick also represents drug industry clients in connection with Federal Trade Commission investigations and enforcement. Mr. Reznick is outside counsel and Corporate Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute Inc., a drug-industry trade group dedicated to fighting pharmaceutical counterfeiting.

Liz Howard is a partner in Orrick Herrington’s San Francisco office. Ms. Howard, an IP litigator, counsels drugmakers regarding potential remedies against counterfeiters and sellers of illegal drugs and those in their distribution chain.