Right The First Time DVD

DVD - Right the First Time

August 2014
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From the executive suite to the custodial staff, Right the First Time is always the goal of drugmakers. This new training program brings home that message with real-life examples of ethical choices and challenges every employee can relate to.
  • A colleague asks you to verify something you haven’t seen. What’s the right thing to do?
  • A coworker asks you to speed up batch review beyond what you can handle. What’s the right thing to do?
  • An employee discovers a coworker varying from an SOP but is afraid to challenge. What’s the right thing to do?
  • An employee encounters a friend in a social setting who is aware of an adverse event but is reluctant to share information about it. What’s the right thing to do?

Each scenario challenges employees with questions of how they’d handle the situation. You discover both wrong and right ways to proceed. The message is driven home: Doing the Right Thing is Always the Right Answer.

In certain situations, it may not be obvious what the right thing is. Right the First Time addresses potentially sticky issues including:

  • How to identify subtle pressures that lead to unethical behaviors
  • How to respond when requested to behave unethically
  • How to handle awkward situations involving ethical dilemmas
  • Importance of doing the right thing the first time
  • And much more.

You’d pay thousands of dollars to create this custom staff training. This 14-minute course and training package does the job — for far less.

Workplace errors can lead to FDA sanctions. It’s not worth the risk — especially when an easy-to-use tool like Right the First Time can head off the problem. Build productivity.

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Available Formats

DVD — $595
eLearning — $997

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DVD program package includes:

  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Leader's Guide
  • Disucussion Guide and Answer Key
  • Assessment and Answer Key

(Add $10 shipping and handling per DVD/CD for DVD/CDs shipped to the US, or $35 per DVD/CD for DVD/CDs shipped elsewhere. VA residents, please add 6 percent sales tax.)

Available Formats:

DVD and eLearning

DVD Details:

  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Leader's Guide
  • Discussion Guide
  • Assessment and Answer Key

The DVD can be played on any computer with a disc drive or DVD player.

The Leader’s Guide, Discussion Guide, Assessment and Answer Key are separate from the DVD and can be customized.

eLearning Details:

Running time: 20 minutes

The eLearning program includes source files for editing (Articulate Software required) and is available in three formats:

CD, which will run directly off the CD;
Web, which will run off an intranet or the internet; or
LMS, which will run off your learning management system.

If you chose any of the eLearning formats, a customer service representative will contact you for the following details:

How would you like the completion status set?


What is your assessment pass percentage?
    70 percent
    80 percent
    90 percent
    100 percent

In addition, if you choose the LMS version, a representative will ask which platform you need the program provided in:

Scorm 2004
Scorm 1.2