Surprise! Regulatory Inspection Today!

DVD - Surprise! Regulatory Inspection Today!

August 2014
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It's not about getting ready … it's about being ready.

Regulatory inspections can come at any time, and drug companies need to be sure their employees are prepared.

This video training package is the perfect tool to introduce your new employees to GMP compliance — and to refresh and re-train your existing staff.

FDA inspectors can arrive at your facility to conduct an inspection at any time. They could show up tomorrow — or years from now.

But how do you keep your employees focused and constantly prepared for an inspection when they have so many other pressing responsibilities?

The new Surprise! Regulatory Inspection Today! video training package can help.

It's an enjoyable, fun way for you to remind your staff that continuous GMP compliance is the key to a successful inspection.

The program is structured to loosen everyone up with a zany, fast-paced video that shows how poorly prepared employees — not yours, of course! — might react when they learn an FDA inspector is on the premises.

From there, it takes trainees through a series of scenarios in which staff members fail to follow GMPs.

During planned pauses in the action, trainees are asked to identify each compliance lapse, creating a perfect situation for interactive learning.

The focus throughout the video presentation is on key problem areas that your employees need to be reminded about:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Pharmacy or Chem Weigh
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Laboratory Operations and following SOPs
  • Records and Reports

At the end of the discussion, your employees will have been exposed to an hour of training that feels like fun, but puts the emphasis on three key learning objectives:

  1. The importance of housekeeping
  2. Proper use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and
  3. Why following documentation procedures is essential

Finally, to further reinforce the lessons your trainees have learned, you also get a 10-question knowledge assessment quiz.

The entire Surprise! Regulatory Inspection Today! package includes the video presentation, training script, leader guide, discussion guide with answer key, and knowledge assessment quiz and its answer key.

Surprise! Regulatory Inspection Today! offers effective, need-to-know compliance training in a light-hearted way that makes it a pleasure for both trainers and trainees.>

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Available Formats

DVD — $595
eLearning — $997

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Two versions of the DVD are provided—One version runs straight through, the other has built in pauses keyed to the Leader’s Guide for group discussion.

  • Leader’s Guide
  • Discussion Guide
  • Discussion Guide Answer Key
  • Assessment (10 Questions)
  • Assessment Answer Key

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Who Will Benefit

  • Training directors
  • Quality assurance department
  • Manufacturing personnel
  • Human Resources

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