Why Are cGMPs So Important

DVD: Why are cGMPs So Important?

August 2014
Also Available:
This product is available in both DVD and eLearning formats.

Are you tired of training new employees and over and over again on cGMPs?

The answer is probably yes. Good news…we have a solution to your problem. Better news…you never have to do the training again.

In one-easy-to-access place you’ll have:

• A 15-minute video presentation

• Reader’s guide and lesson plan

• Discussion guide worksheet and answer key

• Knowledge assessment and answer key In addition, employees will find this quick, self-paced training session motivational as well as informative.

It offers lessons on:

• The importance of adhering to cGMPs, as illustrated by three chilling tragedies

• Reasons for the development of cGMPs

• Ways in which the FDA determines if a company is following cGMPs

• How the FDA protects the public when there are cGMP violations

• How failure to follow cGMPs can affect the future of a company as well as public health Why are cGMPs So Important?

is ideal for pre-employment training or as a GMP refresher course. It’s an essential tool for drug company training professionals, HR departments, manufacturing directors and supervisors, QA/QC personnel, anybody new to the industry and consultants/service providers.

Available Formats:

DVD and eLearning

DVD Details:

  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Leader's Guide
  • Discussion Guide
  • Assessment and Answer Key

The DVD can be played on any computer with a disc drive or DVD player.

The Leader’s Guide, Discussion Guide, Assessment and Answer Key are separate from the DVD and can be customized.

eLearning Details:

Running time: 20 minutes

The eLearning program includes source files for editing (Articulate Software required) and is available in three formats:

CD, which will run directly off the CD;
Web, which will run off an intranet or the internet; or
LMS, which will run off your learning management system.

If you chose any of the eLearning formats, a customer service representative will contact you for the following details:

How would you like the completion status set?


What is your assessment pass percentage?
    70 percent
    80 percent
    90 percent
    100 percent

In addition, if you choose the LMS version, a representative will ask which platform you need the program provided in:

Scorm 2004
Scorm 1.2