DVD: You'll Soon Feel Better

August 2014
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The drugs we produce constantly evolve. But one essential ingredient remains unchanged year after year: Quality.

At its heart, our industry is about saving and improving lives. That’s what draws people into this business in the first place. But sometimes people need reminding about that. That’s what this classic training program has been doing for years, with powerful stories that remind people exactly how GMP compliance affects real life.

You’ll Soon Feel Betterwas produced for the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) in 1987 to highlight what can happen when GMPs are not followed. The program is divided into three stories that viewers will relate to.
Story 1: A simple error by a shipping/receiving clerk cascades through the manufacturing chain, resulting in a batch produced with the wrong ingredients.

Story 2: An operator with a toothache takes a shortcut that results in a batch produced with contaminated equipment.

Story 3: This story highlights a mistake in packaging and labeling, one of the most common reasons for a recall.

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