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Customer Complaints in Life Sciences - Webinar CD/Transcript

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Customer Complaints in Life Sciences: Managing Hostile Callers, Fraudulent Complaints and FDA Compliance

When consumers and healthcare professionals contact you with an issue, could your consumer service team actually make things worse?

In the life sciences, that’s often the case, with complaints flaring into damaging publicity, FDA audits and recalls, and lawsuits from customers and shareholders.

Here’s how to give your front-line representatives the skills they need to keep complaints from jeopardizing customer relations or FDA compliance.

In this 90-minute CD/Transcript, you’ll discover complaint-management tactics and compliance tips that can immediately help reduce risks and liability. From dealing with angry callers to when, how and if to respond to negative comments on social media, you can arm your entire team with today’s best, life-sciences-specific practices for documenting and managing conversations effectively.

Turn drug and device complaints into compliments

Step by step, Customer Complaints in Life Sciences explains how to monitor and protect your company’s reputation, while still being truthful and honest about any known problems. It’s the fine-line guidance you need to meet FDA regulations and even transform hostile callers into advocates for your company!

Register Now to help you satisfy consumers and the FDA, including:

  • The right front-line response to drug and device complaints
  • How to identify fraudulent complaints — red flags that alert you
  • Proper documentation — what the FDA will and won’t recognize
  • Investigating serious complaints — how to get the product back and test it
  • Avoiding common (but costly) communication pitfalls
  • How to approach complaints via social media
  • Electronic Discovery Act implications — case studies on how situations can go from bad to worse

Remember, the FDA won’t hesitate to hand out warning letters for even little mistakes in handling adverse event reporting and complaint-management. Why risk letting poorly handled complaints erupt into delayed recalls, lawsuits and more?

  • Compliance officers
  • Executive management
  • Adverse Event & Complaint Management Professionals
  • General/corporate counsel
  • Medical affairs
  • QA/QC personnel
  • Regulatory affairs professionals
  • Training personnel
  • Consumer complaint/customer service professionals

Carol Kozlowski serves as the Manager of Crisis Management for Insurance Services at RQA Inc. Carol is a dedicated business professional with over 30 years of demonstrated success in crisis management, recall management, risk mitigation, supply chain, operations, and resource management. She has a history of providing effective leadership with focus on total organizational coordination to efficiently manage operations, provide innovative concepts and ideas, streamline operations, and implement process improvement.