Device Patent Law Changes - Webinar CD/Transcript

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Device Patent Law Changes: Six Key Areas of Concern

Every year, medical device manufacturers get caught up in expensive patent lawsuits and claims that waste their time.

It doesn't have to be that way. Many of these cases could be prevented if devicemakers better understand the trouble spots to watch out for, based on the latest court rulings and revisions to patent laws from all around the world.

Why not take your first step in proactively identifying those trouble spots?

Order your copy the FDAnews CD and transcript of Device Patent Law Update: Six Key Areas of Concern webinar.

The session leader is Jonathan Losk, partner at the intellectual property law firm Knobbe Martens and a patent expert with years of experience designing strategic patent portfolios for devicemakers.

In just 90 minutes, Mr. Losk homes in on the new court rulings and significant changes in intellectual property law that could impact you and your business.

And you'll come away from the session more knowledgeable and better prepared to 1) assess your current IP program, and 2) decide if it’s robust enough to withstand the most recent developments in IP protection law.

Specifically, you will learn about 6 areas of concern in device patent law:

  • How to assess the adequacy of your product’s  patent protections
  • Freedom-to-operate considerations
  • How to address unsolicited disclosures and manage joint inventions
  • How to best respond to theft of intellectual property
  • New tactics for battling non-practicing entities (a.k.a. patent trolls)
  • The newest interpretations of infringement by inducement — and what it means to your products.

Don't be a sitting duck for IP lawsuits. Instead, become more knowledgeable about the ongoing changes to international patent law.

  • Regulatory affairs professionals
  • General/corporate counsel
  • CEOs
  • Compliance professionals
  • Outside law firms
  • IP professionals

Jonathan Losk is a partner at the intellectual property law firm Knobbe Martens. His practice focuses in the medical device, electronics, communications and computing industries helping clients develop strategic patent portfolios.

His corporate experience focused on identifying, securing rights to, and commercializing disruptive and differentiating technologies in the cardiac rhythm management, heart failure, and neuromodulation markets. As a product development executive, Mr. Losk engaged in all aspects of design, development, manufacturing, clinical evaluation, regulatory submission, quality assurance, and sustaining engineering for Class III medical devices and systems.