Mastering Social Media for Clinical Trial Recruitment - Webinar CD/Transcript

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Mastering Social Media for Clinical Trial Recruitment

Today, one in five sponsors is using social media to engage, recruit and retain subjects for clinical trials.

Naysayers in companies not using social media complain that the compliance obstacles with social media are simply too much to overcome.

However, social media is where your study subjects are increasingly going to be found.

Quit waiting on the sidelines; there's no time better to get off the bench and get involved in social media recruiting for clinical trials.

Already involved with social media and simply want to improve your marketing performance? This is where you'll learn that, too.

That's because you're going to hear from a true master of using social media to recruit clinical trial subjects. Matt Miller was an early adopter of social media recruiting — and you'll benefit enormously from the lessons he has learned over time.

Matt shares his knowledge and real-life experiences to show how you too can make social media an invaluable tool for finding and retaining clinical trial subjects. In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Where patients search for clinical trial information online
  • What patients think about clinical trial sponsors and social media
  • How to review your social media efforts to make them more effective
  • The importance of social media sharing and how it can supercharge you recruiting efforts
  • How to tell if you're overspending on your social media campaigns

Most importantly, you'll find out the valuable results of Matt's survey of 1,100 patients … how clinical trial subjects behave online …  the most effective social media techniques for reaching study subjects … how to avoid the mistakes drug companies typically make when they use social media to recruit … and more.

It's a fact: The patients you need for your clinical studies are online, waiting to hear from you. Learn how to reach them by ordering the Mastering Social Media for Clinical Trial Recruitment webinar CD and transcript.

  • Clinical Trials Marketing Directors/Managers
  • Study Subject Recruiters
  • Social Media directors
  • Clinical Trials Research & Development
  • Clinical Research Organizations

Matt Miller is Associate Director of Marketing at CRO WCCT Global, a CRO that supports all phases of clinical research. He is a leader in the use of digital and social media campaigns for patient recruitment on a single site and multi-site level, and has been recognized for developing cutting edge techniques for patient recruitment using social media for various therapeutic areas and disease states.