The New FSMA Rules: Key GMP and Compliance Issues - Webinar CD/Transcript

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The New FSMA Rules: Key GMP and Compliance Issues: FDA’s Priorities – Now and in the Future

FDA's final rules under The Food Safety and Mondernaiztion Act (FSMA) are going to dramatically change the way food manufacturers do business as they represent the most sweeping changes to U.S. food law in more than 75 years. 

Seven major regulations have already been released and more final rules and guidances are expected shortly, affecting nearly all points of the supply chain.

Are you prepared?

Come this Fall, FDA inspectors will start knocking on your door to assess your compliance with the regulations which means you have a short amount of time to  understand and comply with the rules. 

Join industry expert Erik Lieberman as he covers the key compliance issues related to the regulations, offers tips for compliance, and insider insight into FDA’s priorities for regulating and enforcing the comprehensive food safety law, especially in regard to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), including:

  • Hazard Analysis of Risk-Based Preventive Controls
  • New GMP Best Practices for Buildings and Equipment
  • Registration of Food Facilities and Implementation of GMP Standards
  • How new GMP Standards for Food Production Affect Manufacturers
  • New Provisions for Warehousing and Distribution
  • New Provisions for Defect Action Levels
  • GMP Requirements under HACCP v. FSMA

In addition he’ll provide practical advice for compliance in the following areas of regulation:

  • Accreditation of Third-Party Certification
  • Food Supplier Verification Rules for Importers
  • Chemical, Physical and Microbiological Safety Issues
  • Record Availability Requirements
  • Prior Notice of Imported Food
  • Administrative Detention of Food for Human Consumption
  • Food manufacturers
  • Food retailers and wholesalers
  • Transportation providers
  • Food safety auditors
  • Food industry consultants

Erik R. Lieberman is the founding principal of Lieberman PLLC. Lieberman has extensive experience on legal matters involving food safety, international trade, food labeling, agriculture, food marketing and the federal legislative and regulatory processes.