Social Media Accountability for Drug and Devicemakers

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Social Media Accountability
for Drug and Devicemakers
Controlling the Online Conversation

No one seems to know what the rules of social media for life sciences are, including, some might say, the FDA itself. The agency's piecemeal approach to establishing a social media policy over the past five years consists of four narrow guidances that don't begin to cover all the issues.

The agency just can't keep pace with this ever-expanding phenomenon. But that hasn't kept it from issuing warning letters to drug and devicemakers for perceived violations.

Social Media Accountability for Drug and Devicemakers gives you an understanding of how to use social media for product promotion without running afoul of the FDA:

  • What online communications the FDA holds firms accountable for
  • The differences between the FDA's definitions of regulated and unregulated content and solicited and unsolicited communication
  • How to present required risk information in limited space
  • Correcting third-party misinformation
  • When use of hyperlinks is appropriate
  • Monitoring and reporting adverse events

Using social media to reach your audience can be very effective if you're creative and careful. Order your copy of Social Media Accountability for Drug and Devicemakers today.


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  • Marketing staff
  • Regulatory/legal affairs
  • Communications department

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