Successful Collaboration with Your Sales and Marketing Team - Webinar CD/Transcript

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Successful Collaboration with Your Sales and Marketing Team: How Regulatory Affairs Specialists Can Achieve Marital Bliss in the Workplace

Do you need a better working relationship between Regulatory Affair and your sales and marketing teams?

By helping them work together better, you can ensure that effective, compliant materials are available for your sales force when you need them.

Hear directly from an expert who has personally facilitated communication between these two groups.

Join Katy Van Pelt — Partner, Potomac Law Group — for a 20-minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute one-on-one interview conducted by moderator Michael Levin-Epstein.

After this session, you’ll come away with an enhanced understanding of how to:

  • Establish a marketing review team, composed of sales and marketing, legal, and regulatory professionals that understand each other’s objectives and success standards
  • Develop standard operating procedures that align common goals and avoid distrust among departments
  • Expedite that approval of marketing materials by establish realistic and obtainable timetable, building in realistic approval schedules
  • Understand how the latest compliance mandates intersect current social media and traditional marketing approaches
  • Avoid regulatory problems caused by the use of unapproved, non-compliant promotional materials by ensuring that your sales force gets the materials they need when they need them

Order today and increase the efficiency of all functions that contribute to sales and marketing.

  • FDA regulatory professionals
  • Legal and medical personnel responsible for promotional review
  • Marketers pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Advertising agency personnel who pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Marketing services personnel responsible for review and approval procedures
  • Social media teams
  • Compliance personnel
  • Medical affairs

Katy Van Pelt, Partner, Potomac Law Group, Regulatory, Food & Drug, Healthcare, and Life Sciences Group
Katy Van Pelt provides advice on a range of regulatory issues relevant to manufacturers of prescription drugs, medical devices, in vitro diagnostic products, analyte-specific reagents, laboratory developed tests, infant formula, and food. Her practice includes counseling on issues relating to advertising and promotion, where she works with clients to maximize the effectiveness of compliant advertising campaigns in all forms of media.