Compliance Confidence: Strategies for a Successful Regulatory Inspection

From a disorganized inspection preparation room — to incorrect documentation procedures — to staff members who don’t know or understand company policies, the six scenarios in the Compliance Confidence: Strategies for a Successful Regulatory Inspection DVD presentation shows how your employees preparation and behavior can make or break an inspection.

Users will learn steps to ensure investigators are satisfied by preparing important procedures which include:

  • Having an efficient inspection preparation room
  • Following proper documentation procedures and having documents readily available
  • Training employees to handle unexpected occurrences during an inspection
  • Ensuring employees follow procedures
  • Communicating with investigators in a calm and competent manner

The two-disc course includes the following:

  • 20-minute video presenting six commonly mishandled inspection issues
  • Leader’s guide with instructions on preparing, presenting and following up on the course
  • Worksheet for recording notes on errors and corrections in each scenario
  • An 11-question knowledge assessment and answer key

Order the Compliance Confidence DVD learning set and learn strategies on how to prepare for, manage and respond to the inspection process.

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DVD Set — $595


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DVD Set — $595

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Who Will Benefit

  • Training department
  • QA/QC department
  • Regulatory compliance department