Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Print Edition - Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

July 2014

Cleanroom Management in
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

It’s easy to avoid cleanroom errors … when you know where the pitfalls lie.

Introducing, Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, an all-new special report for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Its nearly 600 pages are a start-to-finish manual of cleanroom design, maintenance, operation and safety.

Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare lays out every hurdle and hoop you face, from agencies in the US, the EU, the ISO and beyond.

You will learn about:

  • Technical issues including engineering, contamination risk and microbiology
  • The ins and outs of air-handling systems and airflow studies
  • Building and validating isolators
  • Selecting the proper disinfectants for cleanrooms
  • Using the right cleanroom clothing
  • Conducting proper environmental monitoring

But there’s more to cleanroom GMP than technical issues:

  • Discover how to conduct cleanroom audits
  • Learn best practices and systems you can rely on
  • Understand the science behind contamination control.

It’s all in this single handy volume — in plain English.

A work of this scope and authority calls for a global team of experts. Editors Tim Sandle and Madhu Raju Saghee draw on the talents of 19 specialists from the U.S., Europe and Asia, and contribute chapters of their own as well.

In 26 chapters, Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare covers every aspect of cleanrooms, from basic standards and GMP requirements to innovations in cleanroom technology.

With proper guidance, your cleanrooms will transform from Achilles heel to strongest link in your drug manufacturing chain. Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare is the tool to help you accomplish this.

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Table of Contents

  • History and Development of Cleanrooms
  • Cleanroom Standards and GMP Requirements
  • Design and Construction of Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
  • Air Handling Systems for the Protection of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes
  • Cleanrooms in Hospitals
  • Commissioning and Qualification of Cleanrooms
  • Cleanroom Certification and Ongoing Compliance

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  • Drug company executives
  • Cleanroom managers
  • Pharmaceutical plant managers
  • Engineers
  • Microbiologists
  • Quality assurance managers
  • GMP managers