Device Software Development: A Guide to Risk Management Requirements

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Device Software Development
A Guide to Risk Management Requirements

Medical device risk management — specifically device software risk management — calls for a solid understanding of a myriad of requirements.

The FDA Quality Systems Regulation, ISO 14971, the new EU Medical Device Regulation all stress the importance of building risk management into the development process of software that will be used in or as a medical device.

Device Software Development — based on a presentation by quality systems expert Dan O’Leary — is a comprehensive, point-by-point guide to developing software that meets all FDA and international standards for successful market clearance. You’ll learn:

  • Which ISO standards touch on software development and risk management and what guidance is available
  • What requirements the new EU MDR places on software development
  • How to assess the level of a hazard’s severity
  • How to identify software’s safety classification
  • Pre- and postmarket risk management considerations

In addition to outlining effective risk management factors, the report includes the following downloadable tools:

  • 510(k) Change Analysis Decision Flowcharts
  • Level of Concern Calculator
  • Software Safety Classification Guide

Device Software Development: A Guide to Risk Management Requirements shows you know what risk management methods and requirements you need to follow to get approval to market your device.

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