The Reality of Doing Business in Cuba in 2017 - Webinar CD/Transcript

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The Reality of Doing Business in Cuba in 2017: What Regulatory Specialists and Attorneys Need to Know about Customs, Imports, Exports and Commercial Transactions — And the Trump Factor

The recent death of Fidel Castro, the election of Donald Trump and the return to Republican control of the House and Senate cast a cloud of uncertainty over the economic and diplomatic initiatives pursued over the past eight years.

Join Jennifer Diaz — a board certified international attorney — as she discusses the realities of doing business in Cuba including whether the new Trump administration will continue with efforts to open up Cuba to U.S. business or if we will see a return to the more closed and distant relationship of the past.

After this 90-minute session you’ll understand:

  • FDA and other government obstacles that continue to impede U.S.-Cuban commerce
  • What kinds of medical products and foods can be exported to Cuba under the latest FDA and customs guidance
  • Details and nuances of the latest BIS and OFAC regulations as they relate to the Cuban trade embargo
  • Whether the new policies of the U.S. and Cuban governments are likely to continue under new administrations in both countries and how new enforcement procedures at the FDA relating to pharmaceutical compliance will affect trade
  • Opportunities for trade and commerce that have opened up between U.S. and Cuba in terms of educational activities and the establishment of physical operations
  • Numerous nuances and uncertainties surrounding imports and exports that characterize the current economic/diplomatic environment affecting food and medical products.

Order today and for a look into what the future holds for the U.S. and Cuba business relationship.

  • Regulatory Manger
  • Import Manager

Jennifer Diaz is a Board Certified International Attorney, professor and professional speaker, considered an expert in international law by the Florida Bar. She is part of an elite group of Board Certified International attorneys in Florida specializing in Customs and International trade law. She regularly assists clients with issues relating to the import and export of merchandise to and from the United States and expediting supply chains with robust pre-compliance programs.