Supplier Contracts for Non-Lawyers - Webinar CD/Transcript

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Supplier Contracts for Non-Lawyers: What Really Needs to be in Your Agreements

When it comes to supply contracts, it’s far better to do things right going in ... rather than pay the price down the road.

But chances are you’re not a lawyer. Indeed, you may be among many drug and device execs who trust in purchase-order language to provide all the protection you need.

Would that it were so.

Solid contracts avert wasteful arguments and fights, lawsuits and judgments, penalties and legal fees.

Since you probably don’t plan to go back to school for a law degree, the next best thing is to register now for Supply Contracts for Non-Lawyers, a standout new Webinar from FDAnews.

In just 90 fast-moving minutes, Courtney Stevens Esq. of MedMarc Insurance Group walks you through the essentials of supply contracts — what to include, what to (safely) leave out, how to stand up for yourself. You’ll discover:

  • How to approach a contract negotiation: First steps
  • What every contract MUST include: Indemnification, allocation-of-duties provisions and more
  • Legal jiu-jitsu: How to take on bigger counterparts — and win
  • Knowing when to hold ‘em — and when to fold ‘em
  • Little-known protection #1: Insurance clauses and certificates of insurance
  • Little-known protection #2: The ‘additional insured’ clause
  • Audit provisions for further protection

BONUS! Negotiations “checklist” with checkoff boxes for every aspect of the contract negotiation process.

With supply contracts, it pays to invest up front. A well-drafted contract can save you from hassles galore down the road — huge judgments, penalties too, not to mention legal fees that dwarf whatever you might have saved by settling for a slapdash document. Discover how to hold your lawyers accountable. Learn contract law the easy way.  

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Courtney Stevens Esq. is senior attorney-risk management and loss control, MedMarc Insurance Group, where she specializes in product liability avoidance and negotiates (and sometimes re-negotiates) contracts. She is a  frequently published author on product liability risk management and blogs on product liability in the life sciences.