cGMP Basics: 11 eLearning Modules for New Employees


Complying with 21 CFR Part 211 regulations is complex and detailed for a new employee.

Research on adult learning shows that a trainee can retain information far better if it's broken up into manageable slices.

And that's exactly what FDAnews has done with cGMP Basics.

Now, for the first time, your employees can be trained using brief 10-minute modules that are set up the way adult learning experts recommend.

These carefully planned modules explain the regulations in short, clear, simple chunks that ALL of your employees will be able to follow, understand — and retain.


  • Introduction to FDA GMP regulations
  • Organization and Personnel, 21 CFR 211.22-211.34
  • Buildings and Facilities, 21 CFR 211.42-211.58
  • Equipment, 21 CFR 211.63-211.72
  • Control of Components and Drug Product Containers and Closures, 21 CFR 211.80-211.94
  • Production and Process Controls, 21 CFR 211.100-211.115
  • Packaging and Labeling Control, 21 CFR 211.122-211.137
  • Holding and Distribution, 21 CFR 211.142-211.150
  • Laboratory Controls, 21 CFR 211.160-211.176
  • Records and Reports, 21 CFR 211.180-211.198
  • Returned and Salvaged Drug Products, 21 CFR 211.204-211.208

BONUS Module: Putting GMPs Into Practice

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Product Details
when Price: $597 for 11 module set
when Time: 10 minutes per module
when Resources:
     •  21 CFR Part 210
     •  21 CFR Part 211
     •  Glossary of Terms
when Editable Files: Articulate Storyline 2 files to customize the modules
when Quizzes: 5 questions per module
when Certificate of Completion: Given for successfully completing each module

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