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Finally, there's a major breakthrough in how to successfully train employees in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

FDAnews and have combined their knowledge and expertise to develop GMP Compliance Digital Classroom, a new modular system that simply and elegantly teaches one key GMP topic at a time to your employees-in-training, giving them digestible-sized pieces that they can easily understand and retain.

Adult learning experts all across the country are in complete agreement: the Classroom's 'small bites' teaching style is ideal for employee training.

Here's how it works. GMP Compliance Digital Classroom covers 10 important GMP topics in concise 10-minute presentations that ALL of your employees will be able to grasp — and hold on to.

The ten topics are:

Course Title Course Description
Introduction to GMP A quick overview of good manufacturing practices regulations and the importance of compliance
CAPA A guide to the CAPA process and what regulatory bodies require
Root Cause Analysis Finding and addressing core problems
Complaint Management How GMP rules define a complaint and how a systemic plan for responding can make sure they are handled correctly
Contamination Control From cleanroom environments to disinfecting and sterilizing equipment, how to protect the purity of your products
Equipment Cleaning Standards for maintaining and ensuring the functionality of production machinery
Warehousing and Distribution GMP standards for storing and shipping products
Conducting Effective Investigations A comprehensive approach to identifying, evaluating and addressing problems and incidents
Validation Ensuring manufacturing processes do what they are meant to do
Good Documentation Practices Principles for recording data that maintain the usability, reliability and integrity of the information

Now you might just wonder: how can our employees possibly learn all they need to know in modules just 10 minutes long?

Well, that's the beauty of the system … it features engaging, interactive scenarios and exercises designed to hold trainees’ attention and enhance their learning. The result: trainees understand the basics more quickly, effectively and with a minimum of effort.

To reinforce their full understanding, trainees also can watch each module multiple times.

And, at the end of each course, there's a 5-question quiz that will show you how well your trainees have understood and absorbed the material.

Most importantly, the Classroom is reasonably priced to encourage employers like you to offer immediate training your new employees … or give experienced staffers an update.

The fee for each course is $287 or you can purchase all ten modules for $557 for a single user. Each additional registration up to ten is only $1,297. Additional discounts for groups larger than ten are also available. For more information, please contact Jeff Grizzel at +1 (703) 538-7668 or


What platform does the online course use?
You will access the course at without downloading anything to your computer. As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a username and password. It couldn’t be easier.

How much time will I need to devote to the course?
Each module is 10 minutes.

Do I have to finish each module every week?
No, you may complete the course at your own pace.

Tell me about quizzes.
At the end of each module, you'll take a short multiple-choice quiz to test your mastery of the topic. You may review the modules as many times as you wish.

How much does the course cost?
The fee is $557 for all 10 courses for one person. Or you can pay $1,297 for up to 10 users.

Is there a discount for multiple students from the same institution?
Yes. If you have more than 10 people who wish to register for this training, call Jeff Grizzel at +1 (703) 538-7668 or email at for pricing.

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Introduction to GMP
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Root Cause Analysis
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Complaint Management
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Contamination Control
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Equipment Cleaning
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Warehousing and Distribution
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Conducting Effective Investigations
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Good Documentation Practices
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All 10 courses Single User
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All 10 courses for up to 10 Users*
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Dr. David Gallup,, has more than 35 years' experience designing, producing and evaluating training programs. His background includes conducting needs analyses, task analyses, and evaluating training programs for client firms. His project experience includes work in competency-based technical skill training curriculum design, train-the-trainer, as well as developing GMP and safety training programs for healthcare manufacturers.

Dr. Gallup has produced over 500 industrial video programs, many related to manufacturing and GMP training. He holds a Doctor of Education degree from Penn State University with an emphasis in curriculum design.

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