Data Integrity: How to Build and Maintain a Culture of Accuracy


For just $487, you’ll receive FDAnews’ Avoiding Data Integrity Breaches management report (a $397 value), a 10-minute eLearning course on Good Documentation Practices (a $287 value) and Data Integrity Problems on the Rise (a $287 value), a webinar on how to drive data integrity problems out of your company!

Here’s more detail on what you’ll get (besides peace of mind):

Avoiding Data Integrity Breaches, a 44-page management report that covers:

  • The importance of the corporate quality culture;
  • A risk-based approach to detecting data integrity issues;
  • Factors contributing to loss of data integrity;
  • FDA enforcement; and
  • Five top solutions to data integrity problems.

Good Documentation Practices. This popular eLearning course will help you review with your staff common documentation errors (incorrect dates, spelling mistakes, off-base calculations) and how you can prevent them.

The course also walks your employees through proper signatures (what they really mean), rules for writing the proper time and date and how to properly correct errors when they occur (which they will). Plus, the included quiz will help you understand what they really know.

Data Integrity Problems on the Rise, an 82-minute webinar by Quintiles Consulting experts Marie McDonald and Glen Potvin, who present a proven approach to uncovering and addressing data integrity issues within companies and their partner networks. The webinar package includes such valuable tools as Crosby’s Quality Management Maturity Grid, the Four Elements of Fraud “diamond” and a list of recommended procedures to help ensure data integrity.

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Avoiding Data Integrity Breaches -
Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Importance of the Corporate Quality Culture
  • How to Identify Data Integrity Issues
  • How to Remediate Data Integrity Issues
  • Appendices

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