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Description: Post-market risk management expert Joe Falvo demonstrates how to integrate best practices throughout the recall process, including:

  • Effective SOPs for recalls;
  • Techniques to identify correction, removal and withdrawal;
  • The steps of notification and acknowledgement audits; and
  • Strategies for an effective recall execution.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Speaker: Joe Falvo, Senior Manager: Post Market Risk Management, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics


Description: Liability experts Marialuisa Gallozzi and Suzan Charlton outline how companies can recapture the financial cost of a recall through liability insurance. They answer such questions as:

  • How and why do you measure and document the financial and other costs of a recall? 
  • Can you purchase insurance coverage for recall-related losses and liabilities and recover from insurance when a recall happens?
  • What lessons do prior recalls teach about financial risk management and cost-capture planning before a recall happens? 

Presentation: Download the presentation

Speakers: Marialuisa Gallozzi, Partner, Covington & Burling, and Suzan Charlton, Special Counsel, Covington & Burling


Description: Pfizer regulatory counsel Todd Halpern walks step-by-step through the process for developing and implementing stress-tested Internal Recall Committees. He covers:

  • How to design an efficient process and cross-functional team;
  • Best practices for communicating with regulators, healthcare professionals and other key stakeholders; and
  • The difference between a market withdrawal and a recall.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Speaker: Todd Halpern, Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Law, Pfizer


Description: Regulatory affairs expert Mary Swift shares the secrets of a leading industry insider to get your recall done right the first time. She covers:

  • Proven ways to communicate critical information before, during and after the recall;
  • How to update authorities/governing bodies in a proactive way to best protect patients and your company;
  • How to address key logistical issues and recall strategies to fix the situation right and fix it fast; and
  • The tools and tactics to quickly and accurately determine the true scope of the recall.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Speaker: Mary Swift, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems


Description: Device regulatory experts Beth Bierman, Phoebe Mounts and Michele Buenafe present a flow chart that helps compare the old and the new classification and reclassification process, including identification markers for the different steps so that manufacturers may have the ability to influence the process.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Handout #1: Download handout #1

Handout #2: Download handout #2

Speakers: Beth Bierman, Partner, Phoebe Mounts, Partner, and Michele Buenafe, Associate, Morgan Lewis FDA Practice.


Description: Auditing specialist Joseph McMillian navigates the complexities of the global labeling audit process and discusses common problems experienced by drug and biologic companies. Topics covered include:

  • Training auditors to look for positive and negative findings;
  • Establishing risk-based audit priorities; and
  • Proven tips and tricks for writing audit reports and proper follow-up.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Speaker: Joseph McMillian, President, Heartland Consulting


Description: Analyst Matthew Littlefield discusses the limitations of traditional communication methods and provides new benchmark survey data, real-world case studies and proven ways to improve collaboration with outsourced manufacturers, suppliers and partners. Topics include:

  • Top trends in document management and their role in effective quality management processes and supplier collaboration;
  • Three business process changes that help support supplier collaboration in quality processes;
  • Five must-have document management capabilities for successful supplier collaboration; and
  • Why companies that collaborate with suppliers using a cloud-based portal increase supply chain delivery performance.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Speaker: Matthew Littlefield, president and principal analyst, LNS Research


Description: International auditing consultant Joseph McMillian teaches drug and device manufacturers how to audit their own promotional operations before the FDA or an international regulatory body catches them in the wrong. He covers:

  • A four-step process for training staff to spot compliance problems;
  • Why audits are necessary and the legal, regulatory and ethical basis for them;
  • Tips for preparing booth staff regarding communications with attendees; and
  • Understanding what constitutes a "significant" violation that should be pointed out to on-site management immediately.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Handout: Convention Audit Checklist

Speaker: Joseph McMillian, President, Heartland Consulting


Description: Quality and compliance expert Albert Ghignone, CEO of AAG Incorporated, demonstrates proven tactics for requesting, preparing for and conducting FDA Pre-Submission Program meetings. He will cover:

  • How to prepare an effective pre-submission package to submit to the agency in advance;
  • How to understand and prepare for the different types of pre-submission meetings, including insight on which type to request and how to support that request; and
  • The most effective way to request, prepare for and conduct all varieties of pre-submission meetings.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Handout: Requests for Feedback on Medical Device Submissions: The Pre-Submission Program and Meetings with Food and Drug Administration Staff

Speaker: Albert Ghignone, CEO, AAG Incorporated


Description: CDRH's M. Isabel Tejero outlines the FDA's focus on controlling supplier quality, including:

  • Common issues that appear in inspections;
  • How suppliers should meet their client manufacturer's requirements; and
  • Supplier assessment methods devicemakers can use.

Presentation: Download the presentation

Speaker: M. Isabel Tejero, Acting Lead, Quality Systems Working Group, Division of Manufacturing and Quality, Office of Compliance, CDRH, FDA