Medical Device Supplier Quality Management

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Turn suppliers from adversaries into members of your team.

Consultant James B. Shore and co-author John A. Freije have developed a new approach to dealing with suppliers that promises to improve compliance, increase supply-chain efficiency, boost profits and cut patient injury, death and lawsuits.

Their new book Proactive Supplier Management in the Device Industry (2016: ASQ Quality Press) sets forth their approach in language so clear a new hire can understand it. The book is yours – FREE – plus accompanying CD when you sign up today for Medical Device Supplier Quality Management, a standout two-day workshop sponsored by FDAnews.

The book forms the basis of the workshop, conducted by Mr. Shore. In seven plain-English chapters plus 74 easy-to-follow figures and tables, it sets forth a systematic approach to:

  • Bringing suppliers on board with your goals and making them aware of their own stake in making you look good
  • Creating teams and internal procedures to turn theory into reality
  • Selecting suppliers that give you a bigger bang for the buck
  • Cutting and consolidating suppliers the diplomatic way, so you can work with them again rather than burning bridges

The CD rounds out the package, with fundamental regulations and source documents plus:

  • An interactive Self-Assessment Tool that clarifies your supplier needs
  • A unique Total Risk Factor (TRF) Tool to spot suppliers that offer highest quality with lowest cost
  • Sample supplier survey
  • Sample quality audit checklists and audit cover sheet
  • Sample supplier change notification form
  • Sample sterilization verbiage and process control form
  • And much more!

You’ll work in small groups with fellow devicemakers, applying Shore/Freije solutions to problems you all face. At the end of the two days, you’ll have mastered a new approach to supply-chain management that promises to boost quality, cut compliance hassles, enhance profits and lead to greater success.

Review the full detailed two-day agenda.

Now that you’ve discovered the weaknesses that lead to warning letters, isn’t it time to adopt a creative new approach with a high success rate? Spaces are filling fast. Sign up now.