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Allergan Agrees to Settle Botox Antitrust Case for $13.45 Million

Feb. 16, 2018

Allergan agreed to pay a class of doctors $13.45 million over claims the company artificially maintained the price of Botox through a deal with a potential competitor.

In a September 2013 agreement between Allergan and Korean company Medytox, Allergan paid more than $300 million for worldwide exclusive rights outside of Korea to commercialize Medytox’s cheaper neurotoxin products. The deal allowed Allergan to entrench its market share without any check on pricing, according to the complaint filed in February 2015 in the Central District of California.

The plaintiffs accused Allergan of violating antitrust law with this arrangement. At the time of the lawsuit, there were only two other injectable neurotoxins for cosmetic use on the U.S. market, Dysport and Ximeon, which together only comprised 15 percent of the market.

Botox earned $210.3 million in the second quarter of 2017.

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