Inspections and Audits



Data Integrity – Webinar Recording/Transcript

This presentation will explain high-level data integrity concepts, the definition and importance of data integrity, regulatory expectations for preventing data integrity issues, problem areas for data integrity and strategies for detecting potential data integrity issues in your operations. View

Cybersecurity & Privacy Risks for Medical Device Companies – Webinar Recording/Transcript

Cybersecurity issues are public health issues: Are your devices and processes at risk? View

Animal Tissue Use in Medical Devices – Webinar Recording/Transcript

Implementing compliant systems for medical devices with animal tissue requires multiple control layers, typically using standards in the ISO 22442 family — some of which are under revision. View

European Medical Device Regulations (EU MDR) - Webinar Recording/Transcript

Devicemakers face a market upheaval in the EU. A new set of rules — the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) — will soon supplant the longstanding Medical Device Directive, forever changing how you sell medical devices in EU nations. View

Organizing Data and Document Archives - Webinar Recording/Transcript

Are your documents as organized as you think they are? Can you easily put your hands on the documents FDA investigators request? Or are you searching for that needle in a haystack? View

Perform Effective Investigations and CAPAs - Webinar Recording/Transcript

The Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) process is the heart of any quality management system. And yet, year after year, CAPA violations are the most frequently observed Quality System subsystem cited by FDA regardless of the manufacturers shape or size. View

Develop World-Class Quality Systems and Metrics - Webinar Recording/Transcript


James “Gunny” Shore — the Chief Quality Officer at Quality Lean Solutions — literally wrote the book on QMS (Proactive Supplier Quality Management in the Medical Device Industry), and he is here to teach you what you need to create a world-class quality system.


Investigations Operations Manual 2019

The Investigations Operations Manual is the primary policy guide for FDA investigations and directs the conduct of all fundamental field investigational activities. View

Spreadsheet Validation - Webinar Recording/Transcript

Perch on the shoulder of an expert to discover potential pitfalls and innovative approaches. Get feedback, resolve pain points and share experiences in real time. View

Get Pre-Certified: Your Software as a Medical Device - Webinar Recording/Transcript

Bring your software as a medical device (SaMD) product to market faster with the Software Precertification Program. The pre-cert pathway regulatory model expedites pre-market approval while assessing the safety and effectiveness of your software technologies. View

5 Design Change Considerations to Stay Compliant - Webinar Recording/Transcript

Many a medical devicemaker has incurred a warning letter due to slipshod process validation. No wonder. Process validation is an exacting task, subject to strict statistical procedures and hemmed in by 21 CFR §820.75 and ISO 13485:2016. View

Part 806 Reports: When to Submit? - Webinar Recording/Transcript

Devicemaker alert: The FDA is on the lookout for Part 806 violations and will deal out appropriate sanctions for violation. Can you tell the difference between a device recall and a product enhancement? View