Vitae Pharmaceuticals has initiated Phase II clinical studies with VTP-201227 for the treatment of psoriasis and VTP-195183 to enhance immune cell levels in specific cancer treatments.

The first Phase II clinical compound, VTP-201227, has a novel mechanism of action and is being developed as a topical agent for the treatment of psoriasis with potential extensions into other dermatological indications. The trial is designed to include 128 psoriasis patients at 16 study sites in the U.S. The first psoriasis patient was enrolled and dosed in the study this month.

VTP-201227 is a potent, selective inhibitor of two specific enzymes that are active in the skin. Therapeutic targeting of these enzymes by VTP-201227 promotes naturally occurring healing processes within the skin. The compound has been designed to be rapidly inactivated in systemic circulation and thus has the potential to have a more favorable safety profile.

The second Phase II clinical compound, VTP-195183, is being studied in combination with other therapies for its potential to boost the levels of infection-fighting white blood cells in certain oncologic conditions. The trial is designed as a proof-of-biology study to determine the effectiveness of VTP-195183 in combination with granulocyte colony stimulating factor to enhance mobilization of peripheral blood progenitor cells in patients for whom high-dose chemotherapy is planned.