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June 5, 2006

DeLauro and Drug Safety (DrugWonks.com)
Democratic Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro has objected to the fact that her amendment to have the FDA forcibly pull drugs from the market before companies conduct large randomized safety studies was lifted from an appropriations bill. The amendment is detrimental to patients, writes blogger Robert Goldberg, noting that DeLaruo "would suffocate medical progress in order to make a few headlines" and "would fine the inventors of innovative medicines for life-threatening illnesses millions of dollars and would deny millions of patients accelerated access to medicines."

Pharma Flashback (EyeOnFDA.com)
Blogger Mark Senak uses the recent Memorial Day holiday as an impetus write a retrospective on drug development over the past 20 years. In a lengthy, personal entry, he discusses HIV/AIDS medications in specific, detailing his own experience with the disease and its treatment.

Why Don't We Care About Drug Risks? (Pharma Marketing Blog)
Are consumers less concerned with drug risks than doctors are? That was the conclusion of the recent Medco Monitor, a national survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, writes blogger John Mack. Mack breaks down the survey piece-by-piece, detailing the ways in which physicians and patients often have categorically differing views on drug safety, and discussing the possible negative implications of this.