GMP Human Error Reduction Program

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Dr. Ginette Collazo — a 15 year veteran of helping drug, biologic and device firms reduce manufacturing errors — will conduct a one-of-a-kind workshop on how to reduce errors and improve quality metrics.

Dr. Collazo recently worked with a drug manufacturer that had a baseline rate of 4.7 errors per thousand units manufactured. But with effective human error reduction strategies, the error rate was reduced to 1.9. A 60% reduction achieved in just 10 months.

In addition to Dr. Collazo’s analysis of how and why errors occur, this workshop features multiple interactive exercises allowing you to work in small groups with your colleagues to tackle common manufacturing problems.

Dr. Collazo will work with the small groups and help you form solutions you can take back to your facilities.

Here’s What Your Colleagues Think of Dr. Collazo’s Presentation:

“The topic is very relevant to the needs of our business at the moment. I learned several things associated with how to train and use lean techniques to reduce the opportunity for human error. It also reaffirmed the things we are doing well that are working.”

Richard Leach, Director of Quality, Nosco


“The topic was very interesting, it raised some points I never thought of.”

Rick Calabrese, Director of Quality Systems, Sartorius Stedim North America Inc.