Sept. 19, 2019

Vol. 16 No. 181

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Pelosi’s Drug Pricing Plan Would Give HHS Negotiation Muscle

The draft claims that in just the first year, drugs accounting for nearly half of all Medicare Part D spending would be subject to negotiation. Read More

Thirteen States Support Ohio Attorney General’s Bid to Block Bellwether Opioid Trial

“States are in the best position to enter into global settlements and to protect all communities through statewide implementation of policy and ensuring equitable distribution of available funds,” one brief stated. Read More

Horizon Grabs Priority Review for Active Thyroid Eye Disease Biologic

Teprotumumab would be the first approved treatment for active thyroid eye disease. Read More

European Commission Designates New Health Commissioner

The appointment must first be confirmed by the European Parliament. Read More

States Vary Widely in Buprenorphine Prescriptions, Study Finds

More than two-thirds of the prescriptions last year were in states that had opted for Medicaid expansion. Read More