Branding CROs and Sites in a Troubled Economy

Held Oct. 7, 2008

There’s plenty of competition out there, and in today’s tough times, you need to stand apart from the rest.

You don’t need tricks or gimmicks. What you need is to build your image and prove your site is a valuable resource. A good reputation that starts with effective branding will give you the advantage you need to succeed in this economy.

Melynda Geurts, COO for D. Anderson & Company, will provide tips and strategies to help you transform your site and set you a cut above your competition. In this 90-minute audio CD/Transcript, she’ll show you how to promote your site and keep sponsors coming back.

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  • How to create and enhance your own brand — from writing a mission statement to creating tag lines that reinforce your place in the industry
  • The benefits of marketing and promoting your site’s brand through consistent use of company name, logo and tag line.
  • What role the internet, your website, business cards and advertising play in efficient branding and more
  • Relationship-building strategies that work for fledgling as well as established businesses
  • Pointers to help shape your company’s culture to elicit a high level of respect, trust and goodwill from your employees
This audio CD/Transcript is a must for positions in research sites, drug and biotechnology companies, including:
  • CROs
  • Clinical research coordinators
  • Investigators
  • Marketing personnel

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As COO for D. Anderson & Company, Melynda Geurts oversees business development, contracts and project operations. She is an accomplished presenter and supervises DAC’s world-class training programs.

Melynda is an honors graduate of Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas. She has a wide range of experience in healthcare marketing and patient recruitment and is a recognized authority who has presented numerous programs at industry-related conferences and seminars. She also was a major editorial contributor to “A Guide to Patient Recruitment and Retention” and “A Guide to Patient Recruitment: Today’s Best Practices and Proven Strategies,” published by Thomson CenterWatch.

Melynda was named to the 2008 PharmaVoice 100 most inspiring individuals in the life-sciences industry in the field of commanders and chiefs.

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