6 Steps to Managing Drug and Device Customer Complaints

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A complaint about a drug or device from a customer or a healthcare professional can snowball from a manageable situation into a nightmare in no time.

All it takes is a careless response from an ill-informed customer service representative – or an angry social media posting – to turn a problem into damaging publicity … an FDA audit … a possible recall … regulatory fallout … or even a lawsuit.

As the front line of complaint management for your company, you and your customer service staff can make a critical difference between an incident that is managed quickly and effectively … and one that turns into a crisis.

How can you ensure that your team will always be ready to address complaints with prompt, careful and correct responses?

By reading the new FDAnews management report, 6 Steps to Managing Drug and Device Customer Complaints. With it, you'll get expert advice on how to train your staff to respond to product complaints quickly and easily, with little or no fallout.

You'll learn lessons from a 30-year customer service veteran on how to … monitor and protect your company’s reputation while still being truthful and honest about a problem … document and manage conversations whether on the phone, in writing or online … protect and build brand loyalty … reduce risk and liability to your company and its workers … and remain in compliance with the FDA.

First, you'll begin your journey to customer service excellence with the 6 Steps that your company must take to ensure that your employees handle customer complaints effectively:

    Step 1: Building customer service as the first line of defense;
    Step 2: Identifying and tackling critical complaints;
    Step 3: Looking at complaints as market intelligence;
    Step 4: Avoiding communications pitfalls;
    Step 5: Handling customer anger; and
    Step 6: Monitoring your online reputation and fighting negative feedback.

In addition, the report will hone in on one very important fact: How you handle your customer complaints isn’t just a matter of good business. It's also a matter of FDA compliance.

To that end, 6 Steps to Managing Drug and Device Customer Complaints shows you how to satisfy FDA requirements while building a strong, effective customer service team.

Whether you’re a drug or device manufacturer, owning this new report is an absolute must. Take advantage of the advice and lessons learned by a customer service pro during a 30-year career. It could be the best decision you make in 2015.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Build Customer Service as the First Line of Defense
  • Step 2: Identify and Tackle Critical Complaints
  • Step 3: Look at Complaints as Market Intelligence
  • And More …

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