Advertising & Promotion Hot Topics in Today’s FDA and FTC Landscape - Webinar Recording/Transcript

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Advertising & Promotion Hot Topics in Today’s FDA and FTC Landscape: Do’s, Don’ts and Real-World Examples

Drug and device advertising, marketing and promotion has come a long way from 30-second TV spots. These days the cutting edge is social media, product placement, engaging influencers, reality TV, pop-up shops and more.

Things you ought to be aware of. Things you may want to do yourself. Things that could get you in trouble with the FDA, FTC and other agencies if you make missteps.

Having trouble keeping up? So are your competitors. So are the regulators themselves. But not Washington lawyers Gillian M. Russell Esq. and Heather Bañuelos Esq. of King & Spalding’s FDA and Life Sciences practice.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 7, when Ms. Russell and Ms. Bañuelos share the virtual stage of an FDAnews webinar that aims to bring you up to speed on regulatory trends present and future at the FDA, FTC and elsewhere. You’ll discover:

  • Significant updates to FDA enforcement of pharmaceutical and medical device promotion, including key focus areas and emerging trends
  • Practical lessons from FDA’s renewed focus on direct-to-consumer TV ads, including how elements such as music selection, pacing and distracting visuals can result in an enforcement letter
  • Risk disclosure: Getting this FDA priority area right in product promotion, especially when launching a social media campaign
  • Insightful predictions on future FDA hot topics based on ongoing First Amendment initiatives and newly announced research by the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion
  • Valuable advice on the nuanced implications of FTC’s increasing focus on transparency as it bears on novel promotional strategies such as use of influencers, spokespersons, patient bloggers and native advertising
  • Real world examples of unique promotional strategies along with key legal, regulatory, and compliance considerations
  • And much more!

Of course you need to advertise, market and promote your products. Of course you ought to explore promising, unconventional methods that promise fat purses in a fast-changing era. Just make sure to take all appropriate precautions. That means knowing the state of regulation at the FDA, FTC and elsewhere, now and down the road. Order today.

From drugs and biologics to devices and diagnostics, nearly every organization with FDA-regulated products will benefit from this informative and practical workshop. Specific job titles include:

  • Executive suite
  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • Legal counsel
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing/sales
  • Corporate communications/public affairs

Meet Your Presenters

Gillian M. Russell Esq. is counsel in King & Spalding’s FDA and Life Sciences practice, focusing on advertising and promotion, federal healthcare compliance, clinical trial regulation and FDA enforcement. In addition, Gillian regularly counsels clients in the cosmetics and food industries. Her expertise extends beyond the FDA to encompass the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state boards of pharmacy.

Heather Bañuelos Esq., a member of the King & Spalding FDA and Life Sciences practice focusing on regulation of Rx and nonprescription drugs, food, cosmetics and dietary supplements. She has significant experience advising on regulatory strategies and initiatives for developing, labeling, promoting and advertising FDA-regulated products. Her expertise extends beyond the FDA to encompass the Agriculture Dept. (USDA) and FTC.